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Continuing Legal Education - Online Certificates in Health Law

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Targeted, relevant and deep learning experiences to enhance your knowledge and skills.  Accredited with many associations and regulatory bodies across Canada.
Built for legal professionals and all professionals with legal risks and responsibilities in their jobs, multiple offerings give you the flexibility to find the program that best fits your busy schedule.
Build connections with an influential, professional network and learn from a diverse range of legal experts and industry leaders with extensive expertise and real-world experience.
Featured Interest Areas
OsgoodePD certificates can count toward your annual professional development requirements with many associations and regulatory bodies. 

Privacy & Information Management

Contemporary Issues in Health Law

Elder Law

Mental Health Law

Clinical Risk, Negligence & Claims Management

Why Professionals Choose the Osgoode Certificate Programs

Propel your career with a focused micro-credential.  
Expand your legal knowledge and skills.  Build your professional network.   

Award-winning programs will give you a solid understanding of the ever-changing laws and best practices in human rights, workplace investigations, labour law, pensions and employment related matters.

Employment, Labour, Human Resources, Human Rights, Pensions

Preview a portion of a certificate and get a sneak peek into how an Osgoode certificate will help keep you ahead of industry trends and develop in your area of expertise.

Osgoode Certificate Programs

Every single one-day and certificate program I took at Osgoode inspired me and kept me current in whatever was happening legislatively; policy, ministry and mental health service delivery. It has become my go-to in order to crystalize complicated concepts and changing legislation, but especially strategies on how to APPLY them."

Anna Tsergini 

Director of Quality & Risk, Chief Privacy Officer, Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in Waterloo-Wellington 

Just knowing that Osgoode is there, to dip into the things that are relevant to todaygives me the confidence to leap into new endeavours, knowing I’ve got the tools to be successful."

Heather-Anne Hubbell 

CEO, Phundex Limited

The course content, layout of the various topics and choice of speakers was superb. It is like watching an excellent movie that is captivating and interesting. The pace of presentation and intensity of the content keeps one focused and not prone to distractions.  This is a great learning experience.”

Aiyaz Alibhai

Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Practical, skills-based programs in oral advocacy and E-Discovery will provide you with the knowledge and experience to advance your clients’ interests, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Civil Litigation

Using real-life case files and simulated clients, the Certificate will develop and improve the key skills that are essential those working or advising in family law.

Family Law

Acquire the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to practice with confidence when handling criminal or quasi-criminal matters.

Criminal Justice 
and Policing

Strengthen your impact in an ever-evolving education system. Programs in education law, human rights, special education law, human resources and privacy will ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest legal issues.

Education Law

Go beyond the basic “getting to yes” principles and learn how to apply negotiation theory to various industries, from expert leaders in negotiation.


Focused, practical programs will prepare you to correctly apply the appropriate regulatory framework, understand roles and obligations, and apply learned concepts in a supportive environment.

Adjudication, Administrative Law, Ombuds

Through real-world examples and insights, ensure you stay on top of ever-evolving changes in Blockchain law, privacy and cybersecurity law and drafting IT agreements.

Privacy, Cybersecurity, IT, IP

Enhance your skills and build a network with influential experts in certificates ranging across Construction Law, Public Procurement Law, P3s, Contract Management or Supply Chain Management.

Construction, Procurement

Business, Banking, Finance, Compliance, Securities Law

Programs examine areas such as Canadian capital markets, transactions and legal structures, regulatory systems including disclosure and documentation requirements, enforcement regimes and compliance.
Learn where health and law meet, and drive changes to effectively support the legal aspects of an ever-changing landscape in programs that span health law, mental health law, clinical risk, privacy in health and elder law.

Health Law

Gain a foundational understanding of Canadian law as it relates to Indigenous peoples. With historical and current perspectives, get the key knowledge and practical strategies needed to work more thoughtfully when engaging with these complex issues.

Indigenous Peoples and the Law

Learn to effectively navigate and manage ESG and climate-related risks, drill down and extract the knowledge to succeed in mining law or prepare yourself to advise in public emergencies.

Environmental, Natural Resources

Osgoode offers certificate programs in a wide range of categories not listed here. Click below to request a preview of our program content and receive information about all interest areas.

...And Many Others

Lawyers, producers and business affairs professionals will get a comprehensive and practical overview of entertainment law in Canada with one of Osgoode’s longest-running certificate programs.

Entertainment Law